Energy Management Services

Energy management must be active

Effective energy management combines data analytics, engineering interpretation and site collaboration to produce a dynamic, intelligent and active service to control energy. It can never be automatic, easy, or hands-off. But it can be routine, reliable and effective. We call our active energy management service and platform SAPERA.


Active Energy

  • Is structured according to ISO50001.
  • Reflects the SEUs that make up your business.
  • Understands the EnPI’s that inform efficiency.
  • Manages the realisation of opportunities.
  • Provides value and continuous service to your business.
How It Works

Energy Management Service

An effective energy management service is an engineer-led process that combines data analytics and artificial intelligence with process and utility consultancy and the support ethic of a partnership to deliver a sustainable ongoing value-added service.

  1. Sapera

    SAPERA is the EM3 digital platform for data handling, data analytics and machine learning to support our active energy management service, also called SAPERA. Engineering and data are enmeshed in a high-value service to manage and control energy, energy events and opportunities for our partner companies.
  2. Active Energy Management

    Our active services are designed around the principles of ISO50001 and embody all chapters of the standard in the conduct of the service. This means that our clients are audit ready, all the time. In recertification, our clients never suffer pre-audit anxiety or the stress of non-conformances. This is perfect service delivery.
  3. Energy Reviews

    The energy review is an essential part of the ISO 50001 standard. EM3 has activated the review to make it add serious value. It now serves as an annual reconciliation of energy with bills and baselines so that a full evolution of energy and carbon can be understood from year to year. This provides calibration for business accountants, strategic plans and emission trading schemes. These reviews are described as “excellent” by recertification bodies.
  4. Deep Dives

    Any active service must have the authority to perform in-depth ad hoc investigations as events take place. This activity is a key part of the SAPERA service. Deep dives also use benchmark data from 10 years of SAPERA. These studies usually give rise to needle-moving opportunities.
EM3 has been instrumental in uncovering opportunities for us. Their service has consistently exceeded our expectations
Global Energy Strategy Manager,
Pharma Client
EM3 offer impartial advice and professionalism. They truly understand the ‘how’ and ‘who’ of optimal solutions for creating a positive impact on our operations.
Productivity Lead,
Food & Beverage Client

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