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New Boiler House Reduces Carbon Footprint

Energy Audit Spotlights Boiler House Upgrade

The carbon footprint of whiskey is a growing concern especially due to its luxury consumption association. In 2019, EM3 partnered with a leading alcohol beverage supplier to conduct a full energy audit of one of their European facilities. A range of opportunities for improvement emerged from this audit, but one stood out as the most significant: upgrading the outdated boiler house. EM3 went on to design and project manage the delivery of this new boiler house.

Steam Boiler Efficiency Jumps from 65% to 85% with a new boiler house

The existing boiler house was over 40 years old and was nearing the end of its serviceable life. EM3 recommended installing a high-efficiency steam generation plant that would enhance the overall sustainability of the site. The new building was located approximately 200-300 meters away from the original structure. The boiler design, coupled with various heat recovery measures and the incorporation of fusil oil (a by-product of whiskey production), added many layers of sustainability.

The new boiler house is now fully operational, and the results have been impressive. The original steam boiler efficiency stood at 65%, this has now jumped to 85% with the implementation of the new high-efficiency steam boilers.

Additional measures to reduce energy loss and gas consumption

In addition to the enhanced boiler performance, additional measures were implemented to reduce energy losses, including:

  • A new deaerator with advanced heating control.
  • A boiler feedwater optimiser heat exchanger system.
  • Economisers, reducing flue gas temperature to approximately 120°C on exit.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Softener units for boiler feedwater.
  • Water tanks for heat storage.
  • Automated Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) & bottom blowdown control.
  • Advanced combustion controls.

Significant benefits have already been realised from these measures, notably a substantial reduction in gas consumption. Aligning with the client’s commitment to environmental sustainability and their goal to reduce their carbon footprint.

Continuing to improve the environmental impact of manufacturing processes.

The client has continued their collaboration with EM3 to advance energy management, reduce carbon and cut costs.

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