Enabling your energy efficiency by assessing opportunities, building business cases and advising on access to grants and rebates.


Looking beyond the initial discovery, our energy consultants will guide you in reducing your energy costs, minimising your carbon footprint, and optimising your energy usage, allowing you to reach your energy goals. Drawing on best practices, our deep industrial knowledge, diverse skill sets, and decades of hands-on experience, we’ll help you solve your toughest energy challenges.


Understand how to reach your energy reduction goals

  • Develop real insights into your energy-saving opportunities.
  • Understand the options in the context of evolving technologies, fuels and concepts.
  • Chart a path to success tailored to your specific data and requirements.
  • Receive ongoing support at every stage of your progress.
How It Works

Empowering you to be energy experts

We specialise in providing tailored energy solutions for businesses at all levels, from site-specific consulting to full corporate view. Our approach includes:

  1. Process Optimisation

    We employ technology and industry best practices to analyse your facility's energy consumption patterns in detail. We don't just identify inefficiencies; we work to understand the intricacies of your energy usage. By examining processes and systems, we can uncover the hidden opportunities for improvement.
  2. Feasibility Studies

    We can perform feasibility studies into the identified opportunities, their competing alternatives and the concept variations so that the best solution can be evaluated based on your objectives.
  3. Energy Efficient Design

    Our expertise can also be deployed as you make new investments, helping to ensure that best practices and optimum efficiency are baked in at the earliest stages of project decision-making. This process is called Energy Efficient Design (EED) and is performed to the IS399 standard.
  4. Utility Mapping

    We can precisely identify opportunities for optimisation and develop tailored metering strategies to ensure all is aligned with your unique operational requirements and energy consumption patterns.
  5. Energy Policy and Strategy Development

    Working with your team, we can help you craft a comprehensive energy policy and strategy that aligns with your organisational goals. Working with your team, we will set clear objectives and milestones and offer ongoing support and reporting to help you turn identified opportunities into actionable projects. This iterative approach ensures that your energy strategy evolves and adapts to your evolving needs and priorities.
  6. Design of Automated and Real-Time Monitoring and Targeting (MM&T) Software Solutions

    To ensure that your energy management efforts are as efficient and accurate as possible, we design state-of-the-art automated and real-time Monitoring, Measurement, and Targeting (MM&T) software solutions to provide you with instant visibility into your energy consumption and performance. Identifying the metrics that allow you to manage energy performance is the key step and our agnostic approach to metering ensures that
  7. Grants & Rebates

    Almost every jurisdiction worldwide has some form of a grant, financial support or rebate to support organisations to decarbonise. Our consultants can fast-track your organisation to the best route for support. Measurement and verification reports are often required to access rebates and grants. Our consultants can set you up for success from the outset by having clear plans to verify savings.
EM3 has been instrumental in uncovering opportunities for us. Their service has consistently exceeded our expectations
Global Energy Strategy Manager,
Pharma Client
EM3 offer impartial advice and professionalism. They truly understand the ‘how’ and ‘who’ of optimal solutions for creating a positive impact on our operations.
Productivity Lead,
Food & Beverage Client

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Lead Contact
Jimmy O’Sullivan
BEng (Hons), MEngSc, CEM, MIEI
Senior Energy Consultant & Energy Team Lead
Seán Sirr
PhD, MSc, BEng(Hons)
Senior Manager Innovation
Shane Marren
MSc, BEng, CEA
Team Lead Energy & Projects

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