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How a Leading Pharmaceutical Company Reduced Carbon Emissions by 59%

Energy audit across 27 manufacturing sites identifies a huge opportunity

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally chose to partner with EM3 to revolutionise their energy strategy, paving the way for a huge reduction in their carbon emissions and the possibility of delivering their net-zero objective before 2030.

A proven approach on a few sites leads to a global programme

Since 2012, EM3’s energy efficiency projects at the client’s sites have delivered significant improvements, including a 40% reduction in fuel consumption at one site in Ireland. Building upon this successful partnership EM3 was tasked with conducting an extensive energy audit of the client’s 27 manufacturing sites to help identify how the organisation can achieve its 2030 net-zero goal.

Investing $140 Million in 380 Carbon Reduction Projects

The EM3 energy audit, covering sites in the United States, Europe, and Asia, presented the client with over 950 energy opportunities. The client, with EM3 assistance, selected the most advantageous 380 projects and the organisation committed $140 million to their implementation over a ten-year period.

A 59% Reduction in Carbon Emissions Globally and Net-Zero by 2030

The EM3 program will propel the organisation to achieve a 59% reduction in total carbon emissions across the entire organisation. This figure surpasses their science-based targets. The client now stands on the brink of reaching the net-zero threshold well ahead of their 2030 objective. The first tranche of projects has already been identified for 2024, with pre-engineering initiatives well underway.

Carbon Neutral in Ireland in 2 years

The Ireland sites are already on track for carbon neutrality within two years, showcasing significant progress. While easier solutions such as tree planting or purchasing existing wind farms may appeal to some, the client and EM3 recognise the need for substantial, incremental, real change.

The client’s strategy includes adopting renewable technologies, enhancing energy efficiency, and transitioning to alternative fuels. This approach not only tackles their carbon footprint but also conserves resources and aligns with evolving environmental regulations.

Setting the Benchmark for Sustainability

Through the identification of project opportunities worldwide, rigorous planning, and forward-thinking strategies, the client and EM3 are on a mission to create a lasting impact in the pharmaceutical industry setting a new benchmark for sustainability.

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