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Our business energy audit identifies your energy waste.

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What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is the logical starting point for organisations wanting to reduce their energy wastage, carbon emissions and energy bills.

EM3’s comprehensive Energy Savings Opportunity Survey gives us a full understanding of energy consumption patterns across your buildings, industrial processes and transport operations. These insights enable us to make informed energy efficiency recommendations across your business.

Energy audits are conducted to the ISO 50002 Standard and comply with Ireland’s SI 426 (3), ESOS (UK) and European Energy Directive legislation.

Technical consultancy

Technical consultancy

Looking beyond the initial energy audit, we understand industrial businesses face energy challenges and dilemmas daily. Drawing on best practice, our diverse skillset and decades of hands-on experience, we’re able to solve our clients’ toughest problems.

Our strengths lie in our diagnostic abilities, big data skills and ability to find innovative solutions. While we specialise in the energy sector, our expertise has been successfully applied beyond energy and utilities to general technical problem identification and the delivery of practical solutions.

Energy-efficient design

EM3 provides consultancy services in energy-efficient design and can also support businesses to attain SEAI EXEED certification.

Benefits of an energy audit

Less wastage

An energy audit often identifies energy-saving opportunities.

Lower bills

Understanding consumption patterns helps you to cut energy costs.

Keener production costs

Following a business energy audit improves your company’s competitiveness.

Increased energy security

Reduced dependence on imported energy.

Improved safety

An energy audit identifies safety issues relating to electrical systems, ventilation and wiring, making your business safer.

Reduced environmental impact

Harmful carbon dioxide emissions reduce in line with your energy consumption.

Benefits of using EM3 as your company for energy audits

Industrial energy audits

EM3 focuses particularly on the energy performance of industrial manufacturing facilities.

Global backing

EM3 is part of SHV Energy, which has 17,000 employees globally.


In the past two years we have delivered industrial energy audits and energy management services on large industrial sites in 24 countries worldwide.

Expertise on tap

We have a team of more than 60 full-time energy experts and consultants at your disposal. Our team includes engineers, scientists, data analysts, researchers, business and finance specialists.

Partnership approach

We collaborate closely with you, becoming an active player in your energy team, invested in achieving energy savings for your business.

Data-driven solutions

We’ll develop innovative solutions to your energy challenges by combining cutting-edge data analytics with our engineering expertise.

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EM3’s Real Zero tool

Your journey to Real Zero starts here

Once you’ve established your baseline with an energy audit, if your business is serious about reducing its CO2 emissions - or even achieving Real Zero – we’ve developed this tool for you.


Our Real Zero interactive tool gives you a personalised roadmap to help you reach your emissions reduction target. Benefit from our expertise and years of experience to avoid wrong turns and save time getting where you want to be.


You’ll get summary charts, like the one below, and full guidance on the steps to take in each phase. Ready?

Let’s go! Or contact us to find out more.

Related solutions

Energy audits are just one of the services EM3 provides to help industry become more energy-efficient. Our extensive knowledge of industrial energy management means whichever service you need you can rely on us to deliver optimised, sustainable projects that result in quantifiable energy savings.

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