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Business energy consultancy solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Growing pressure on industry to reduce CO2 emissions and cut costs means energy efficiency is now a business imperative. EM3 creates innovative, sustainable energy solutions for businesses to help them achieve their energy targets.We combine the latest in data analytics and engineering expertise to help businesses develop a roadmap to carbon neutrality. Through services such as energy audits, energy management and project management we partner with industrial clients to bring efficiency or renewable energy opportunities to fruition. From engineering design right through to project delivery and commissioning, we’re at your side every step of the way.

Solutions overview

Energy Audit

The first step in developing energy efficiency solutions for many clients, our energy audits identify opportunities for energy savings. Our consultants have identified multi-million-euro energy savings for clients across five continents through innovative solutions based on tried-and-tested technologies applied in novel ways.

Energy Management Service

We use our proven SAPERA platform to systematically build our understanding of your energy landscape through data analytics, supported by our engineering and project delivery expertise. Live dashboards, simplified reporting and a capacity tool enable a multidisciplinary EM3 team of engineers and energy consultants to develop sustainable energy solutions for businesses

Renewable Energy

EM3’s Renewable Energy team has extensive experience in delivering renewable energy projects on industrial and greenfield sites globally as part of our sustainable energy solutions for businesses. Our renewables expertise encompasses all elements of a renewable scheme, from initial feasibility and economic viability studies to operational asset management.

Energy Efficiency Projects

EM3’s engineers are industry-leading experts in the design of energy-efficiency solutions. Our services span engineering design, project management, commissioning, project selection, metering and IT systems, building management systems and controls. We offer consultancy services in energy-efficient design and can also provide support to attain the SEAI EXEED certification.

Zero Carbon Solutions

to carbon neutrality by building a full picture of your product’s carbon footprint – from raw materials right through to end of life - with calculations based on the ISO 14067 standard. We can then develop a Zero Carbon roadmap, one of our sustainable energy solutions for business, to achieve your corporate goals.
To discuss these or any of the energy management and sustainability services we offer to industrial clients, contact us today!

Why choose EM3 to squeeze more from your business energy?


We have a team of more than 60 full-time energy experts at your disposal. Our team includes engineers, scientists, data analysts, researchers, business and finance specialists.


Our people have decades of hands-on experience working with industry, giving us a deep understanding of the industrial sector and its energy challenges.


We collaborate closely with you, becoming an active player in your energy team, invested in achieving energy savings for your business.

Eliminating the guesswork in energy efficiency

We’ll develop innovative solutions to your energy challenges by combining cutting-edge data analytics with our engineering expertise.
If you’re looking for inventive and pragmatic energy solutions that will work in your industry, contact us today.