Introducing Our Bold New Identity: EM3’s Fresh Look

As we celebrate a decade of innovation on EM3’s 10th anniversary we are excited to unveil our refreshed brand identity, featuring a new logo and visual identity that reflect our commitment to innovation, growth, energy efficiency and sustainability. Our updated look captures the essence of who we are while signalling …

Graciano Tornero of EM3 awarded the AEE Regional Young Energy Professional of the Year – Western Europe

Graciano Tornero, a dedicated member of the EM3 team, has achieved remarkable recognition with an external award from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) acknowledging his outstanding contributions and commitment to excellence in Industrial Energy Efficiency. This accomplishment reflects not only Graciano’s excellence but also EM3’s commitment to nurturing talent …

EM3 joins the SHV Energy family of companies

In November 2020, EM3 became part of the SHV Energy family of companies, which was a major signal as to the intentions of this energy giant. SHV Energy has been a family-owned energy giant for over 125 years, and over that time has had to make several major shifts as energy use evolved from a coal-based business through oil and LPG. SHV Energy are committed to the next big shift to sustainable fuels and innovative energy services.  

Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: EM3 Marks 10th Anniversary Milestone

Join us in celebrating a significant milestone as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of EM3. A decade ago, we embarked on a journey fuelled by passion, commitment and a shared vision to redefine excellence in our industry.

Recognising Excellence: Recent Staff Promotions at EM3

We are thrilled to announce the recent promotions of several outstanding members of our team at EM3. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership and expertise, contributing significantly to our continued growth and success.

EM3 Meets SHV Energy

In November 2020 when EM3 became part of the SHV Energy family of companies, our dream of being a world leader in our sector, providing innovative energy solutions to industrial customers, became a reality. Covid-19 has meant that all meetings and introductions had to be held online. Thankfully due to …

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