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Recognising Excellence: Recent Staff Promotions at EM3

We are thrilled to announce the recent promotions of several outstanding members of our team at EM3. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership and expertise, contributing significantly to our continued growth and success.

Among those recognised for their outstanding achievements are:

1. Seán Sirr – Promoted to Senior Manager of Innovation

With a proven track record of excellence and a strong commitment to our values, Seán has been promoted to Senior Manager of Innovation at EM3. His leadership skills, strategic vision, and dedication to driving results makes him a valuable asset to our team. In his new role Seán is responsible for development and integration of new value streams into mainstream business as part of EM3’s operational excellence and continuous improvement programme. Seán will also focus on leading the development of decarbonisation solutions to support customer strategies for achieving their Net Zero ambitions.

2. Carl Wood – Promoted to UK Regional Lead

Carl’s unwavering dedication, professionalism and expertise has earned him a promotion to UK Regional Lead. His exceptional contributions and commitment to EM3’s mission make him perfect for the position. In his new role, Carl is responsible for growing and managing the EM3 UK team whilst striving to deliver key energy and sustainability goals for our ever growing UK client base.

3. Jimmy O’Sullivan – Promoted to Team Lead (Energy)

With a remarkable blend of innovation and dedication, Jimmy has been promoted to Energy Team Lead. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his strong leadership skills, will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success. In his new role, Jimmy is responsible for leading a team of dedicated energy engineers across an array of energy and climate action projects for numerous clients.

4. Shane Marren – Promoted to Team Lead (Energy & Projects)

Through his hard work, determination and exemplary performance, Shane has earned this well-deserved promotion to Team Lead (Energy & Projects). His dedication to achieving results and fostering collaboration embodies the spirit of our company. In his new role, Shane is responsible for managing a multidisciplinary team of engineers offering a full suite of EM3 services to our clients, including energy management and consultancy, through to project design, project management and delivery. Shane forms part of the management team of EM3, contributing to the day-to-day operations decisions while also helping to shape the future direction of the company.

5. Patrick Donoghue – Promoted to Decarbonisation Solutions Consultant

Patrick has consistently demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication in their role. Their proactive approach, problem-solving skills and commitment to excellence makes them an ideal fit for the role of Decarbonisation Solutions Consultant at EM3. In their new role, Patrick’s focus will shift significantly towards strategizing and implementing solutions that drive decarbonisation across various sectors. Patrick will be at the forefront of our company’s efforts to develop innovative and effective strategies that reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainability, and support our clients in achieving their environmental goals.


These promotions reflect our commitment to recognising and nurturing talent within EM3. We believe in empowering our employees to reach their full potential and providing them with opportunities for growth and advancement. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Seán, Jimmy, Carl, Shane and Patrick. Your contributions have been instrumental in driving our success, and we look forward to your continued leadership and impact as we pursue our shared goals. As we move forward, we remain committed to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation and continuous growth. Together, we will continue to achieve great things and further solidify our position as leader in industrial energy efficiency.

Please join us in congratulating our recently promoted team members on their well-deserved accomplishments. We are proud to have them part of EM3 and look forward to their continued success in their new roles.

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