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EM3 joins the SHV Energy family of companies

In November 2020, EM3 became part of the SHV Energy family of companies, which was a major signal as to the intentions of this energy giant. SHV Energy has been a family-owned energy giant for over 125 years, and over that time has had to make several major shifts as energy use evolved from a coal-based business through oil and LPG. SHV Energy are committed to the next big shift to sustainable fuels and innovative energy services.  

Sustainable Fuels

As part of this next transformation, SHV Energy has put a massive focus on decarbonisation of their LPG supply to its 30 million customers worldwide. Futuria fuels is the SHV Energy division who are responsible for developing sustainable pathways for on-purpose production of renewable fuels, at volume affordably. Futuria Fuels is collaborating with academics, industry and technology providers to develop these solutions.  

Renewable Solutions

In addition to the development of sustainable fuels, SHV Energy has invested in innovative companies to expand its business into sustainable services. In its acquisition of EM3, SHV Energy entered the energy efficiency consultancy market where EM3 have grown to be a leader in the industrial energy efficiency business in Europe and USA over the past decade. The EM3 philosophy for energy and carbon savings is very much focused on decarbonisation by delivering projects that, first and foremost, eliminate waste and make the facility more efficient. The next priority projects or initiatives are the deployment of renewable electricity and the electrification of heat. The final step on most decarbonisation roadmaps is the deployment of biofuels to address remaining high grade heating demands that are difficult to electrify.  

 As we look to the future, EM3 is excited to continue building upon our strong relationship with SHV Energy. With a shared vision and aligned goals, we are committed to fostering collaboration, innovation and mutual growth. Leveraging the resources, expertise and support of SHV Energy we will be in a stronger position to access new markets, technologies and capabilities, driving value for our customers and stakeholders. This collaboration will remain integral to our strategic direction, ensuring continued success and sustainable growth for both entities. 

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