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Leading Food Company phase out Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Upgrades Boiler

Enhanced output and sustainability at European site

The food manufacturing facility site needed to increase manufacturing output and move away from its reliance on heavy fuel oil (HFO) for production.

The facility, is a major producer of chocolate crumb, supplying various sub-sites for final production.

The site aimed to enhance its manufacturing output while reducing dependence on heavy fuel oil (HFO) for production processes.

Phasing Out Heavy Fuel Oil and Upgrading Inefficient Boilers

The facility faced a pressing need to phase out heavy fuel oil (HFO) as the fuel source for steam generation without impacting production capacity. EM3 conducted an energy audit, developed an energy management plan, and executed implementation focused on 5 key areas:

  1. High-Efficiency LNG Boilers: The existing steam boilers, oversized at 16,000kg/hr each, were highly inefficient, operating at just 55% efficiency. These boilers were replaced with 5,000kg/hr capacity boilers, achieving 83% efficiency and substantial energy savings.
  2. LNG Fuel Source: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) storage was installed to meet environmental regulations and reduce fuel consumption. This resulted in a reduction in fuel consumption, despite the slightly higher unit price, translating to cost savings and provided potential Combined Heat and Power (CHP) opportunities.
  3. Specialised Boiler Controllers: Integrated controllers for optimised performance and efficient operation. The boilers now operate duty-duty until the load drops below 1,500kg/hr, at which point they switch to duty-standby mode.
  4. Heat Recovery System: Low-pressure hot water (LPHW) was produced by employing a second-stage economiser to repurpose waste heat from flue gas. This approach ensured that heat, which would typically be wasted, was repurposed for other processes, enhancing sustainability and reducing energy consumption. A vapour condenser was introduced for heat recovery and integrated with the heat recovery tank. This reduced the load of the process cooling tower and provided heat for boiler feed water (BFW) heating.
  5. New cooker: A state-of-the-art cooker was successfully installed, elevating the facility’s production capabilities by 60 to 70%. This expansion allowed the site to not only cater to the Irish market, but also support the demands of the UK market.

The combination of these factors led to substantial energy and cost savings while boosting overall system efficiency at the facility, solidifying their reputation as an industry leader in energy efficiency and sustainability.

EM3’s Edge Management Service for day-to-day energy consumption control

EM3 continues to support the client with plant efficiency projects on heat recovery and compressed air ongoing. EM3 also maintain day-to-day control of energy consumption on the site with their Edge Management Service, ensuring energy consumption stays within specification.

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