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A leading animal healthcare company’s path to achieving carbon neutrality across ten sites

Translating science-based carbon neutrality targets into tangible actions

The leading animal healthcare pharmaceutical company, needed to translate their science-based carbon reduction targets into tangible actions and sought a partner who could guide them on their path to carbon neutrality.

EM3 worked closely with the client to develop a robust and economical solution that would align with their company-wide carbon neutral objectives.

EM3's pharmaceutical industry knowledge and their energy engineering expertise are invaluable to us.
Energy Program Lead, the client.

387 Carbon Saving Opportunities Identified Across Ten Manufacturing Sites

To tackle the carbon challenge head-on, EM3 embarked on a comprehensive energy audit of the clients’ ten major manufacturing facilities across Europe, the USA, and China. These locations account for 90% of the total energy usage at the organisation. EM3 identified replication of opportunities across sites and developed an understanding of each facility’s current state of energy management maturity. This allowed EM3 to define Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) for each site and determine gaps in metering and next steps in the carbon reduction journey.

EM3 identified a total of 387 energy and carbon savings opportunities across the company’s global operation. They then categorised and prioritised these opportunities based on their potential impact and potential financial savings. 201 opportunities were recommended to the client for implementation.

Cutting carbon and costs

Through power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar installations, EM3 demonstrated that 63% of carbon emissions could be reduced. The remaining 37% would require energy efficiency measures, electrification, and biofuels procurement to avoid the need for carbon offsets. Addressing the 201 identified opportunities could deliver $17 million in annual cost savings for the client.

A managed programme to deliver carbon neutrality by 2030

The partnership did not end with the identification of the opportunities. EM3’s expertise in energy efficiency, project delivery, and renewable energy sourcing positioned them as the ideal delivery and energy management partner.

In 2024, the client and EM3 will move forward with the implementation of the first tranche of projects, helping to propel towards the client’s ultimate objective of carbon neutrality by 2030, and leading the way in the animal health industry.

We needed a partner who understood the challenges of our industry, comprehended the intricacies of energy, and had the ability to identify many opportunities. EM3 has delivered on all fronts.
Energy Program Lead, the client.

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