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SEAI LIEN Event: Advancing Electrification of Heat through Innovative Technologies

Dave Cotterell, Solutions & Design Lead at EM3, recently presented at an SEAI LIEN event focused on the Electrification of Heat. The event was aimed at helping Large Industrial users navigate the critical transition towards decarbonising their heating applications. The event discussed the key large industrial technologies readily available such as MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) & Electrical Steam Generation with the primary focus on heat pump technologies.

Heat pumps stand at the forefront of the decarbonisation revolution. They offer highly efficient heating and cooling solutions by harnessing renewable energy from the waste heat sources such as cooling towers, process, chilled water networks or alternatively you can use air, ground sources, etc. when waste heat isn’t available. By incorporating heat pumps into our heating systems, we can significantly lower energy consumption and even operating costs while achieving substantial environmental benefits.

Selecting the right technology and integration of heat pumps is crucial to the overall success of a project. Heat pumps vary in type but the most common are air-source, 4-pipe or water-source each suited to different environments and needs. Factors such as source & sink temperature and availability, space constraints, and desired efficiency all must be considered at the very offset of selection. Additionally, incorporating smart controls and system integration is critical to ensure correct operation and ensuring you achieve the desired performance.

The SEAI event served as a platform to discuss and explore these cutting-edge technologies, highlighting their role in advancing electrification of heat and driving towards the decarbonisation of industry. As we continue to champion innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of a low-carbon future we need to realise that there is no silver bullet technology and we will need to use multiple technologies together with a clear overall integration strategy to achieve these goals. We are delighted to have the opportunity to advise groups such as LIEN and others on their pathway to a sustainable future.

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