Emma Mooney

Energy Strategy & Innovation Advisor emooney@em3.ie

Emma joined EM3 in July 2017 as an Energy Strategy and Innovation Advisor. She has a doctorate in the area of industrial enegry efficiency combined with over 17 years’ post-graduate experience in Energy, Sustainability, Management and Research.

Emma’s role within EM3 is to use her unique insight and expertise to drive the organization forward in terms of best practice, innovation and strategic development. An experienced energy auditor, specializing in the industrial manufacturing sector, she strives to apply proven engineering methods combined with innovation and fresh thinking to energy related problems.

She has multi-industry experience at local, national and EU levels, in the areas of energy efficiency, energy management, energy policy and education and training. She has worked extensively in the manufacturing and industrial sector, the public sector, the private sector, and in the research sector (both applied and theoretical).

Emma has a broad and extensive educational base, with a BE in Process Engineering, an MSc in Energy Management, an MBA, and most recently a PhD in the area of waste heat recovery for industrial processes (scholarship from the Irish Research Council). Emma is a Chartered Engineer.