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Heat Recovery

Thermal Reconfiguration

This audit identified several projects which could reduce the site carbon emissions through improving the thermal generation efficiency of the plant. The plant had two oversized steam boilers installed operating on Heavy Fuel Oil. These boilers were not efficient by modern standards and produced emissions… Read More »Thermal Reconfiguration

Free Cooling HVAC

Installation of two mixing Air Handling Units with CHW & LPHW coils and upgrades to the existing HVAC infrastructure. Annual chillers thermal energy savings of 2,463 MWh achieved by taking advantage of free cooling.

Heat Recovery Extension

Heat Recovery project consisting of the Installation of new LPHW boiler system including new BFW preheater heat exchanger, modifications to the existing LPHW network to accommodate new LPHW users and modifications to the existing heat recovery network including the installation of a heat recovery heat… Read More »Heat Recovery Extension


New energy efficient CHP units, LPHW boilers & optimized the existing BFW system.CHP (Cogeneration) is an energy efficient technology that generates electrical energy and captures thermal energy that would normally be wasted. It was identified that the site possessed significant heat sinks for LPHW, as… Read More »CHP & LPHW

Steam Boilers

This end of life replacement project implemented energy efficiency design throughout the project to focus on CO2 reduction and financial savings. Steam boilers loose a large amount of thermal energy in hot flue gas. Economisers are able to capture thermal energy from the flue gasses… Read More »Steam Boilers

LPHW System Project

To a new mCHP (Micro co-generation) system and the separation of LPHW Generation and Process steam in the pharma building. Delivering this heat from dedicated LPHW high efficiency boilers. This led to a significant reduction in steam produced in the original steam boilers. The result… Read More »LPHW System Project