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Energy Management Service

Energy Management System Service

EM3 offer a unique Energy Management service which uses data from multiple sources onsite to develop weekly energy reports. This data is then analyzed by our multidisciplinary team of engineers and energy consultants to identify opportunities for energy savings.

Data Analytics

EM3 engineers are highly skilled and experienced in data analytics techniques and have the abilities to use data from multiple systems and sources to develop effective Energy Performance Indicators for your business. These then form the core of the energy management service.

Our expert data analytical techniques eliminates the risk to your business when investing capital in energy projects and ensures you have the best knowledge available to make the best decisions for your business.

ISO 50001 Compliance & Consultancy

At EM3 our core business is modeled on the principles of the ISO50001 energy standard. Our specialist engineers and consultants have experience in managing all aspects of ISO50001 standards, from initial certification to maintenance of the energy management system for your business. The ISO50001 standard for your business demonstrates to your customers and peers that your business takes energy reduction seriously. Being ISO 50001 certified demonstrates leadership in Energy Management.

Technical Surveys

We offer a suite of technical surveying services including but not limited to:

  • Compressed Air Leak Surveys
  • HVAC Optimisation Surveys
  • Steam Boiler Efficiency Surveys
  • Steam Trap Surveys
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys
  • Power Quality Surveys
  • Call us with your survey requirements and we will tailor fit a solution to your business.

Measurement & Verification

EM3 are industry leaders in Measurement & Verification for large industrial projects. Verifying savings is the cornerstone for any energy management service.

Across the globe we have Measured and Verified savings of over 2,780 GWh of Primary Energy for our clients, which is equivalent to 9.5% of Ireland’s industrial energy consumption in 2017. We utilize internationally recognised standards (IPMVP) and our team of data scientists, consultants and engineers ensure our M&V reports are of the highest standards.

Grants & Financial Supports

We support our clients in understanding the grants and financial supports available for energy projects, training and energy management services/systems development. Working together we develop applications and provide guidance through the processes. Currently available grants and financial supports significantly improve the business case for energy efficiency.