SAPERA Energy Management Services

A suite of services tailored to each customers own energy management needs, journey and maturity

What is SAPERA?

Energy management is quickly becoming a vital part of any business. Not only can Energy Management Services save on costs, but it can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. However, in-house energy management is often complex and time-consuming.

That's where SAPERA comes in.

EM3 have been delivering world-class energy management solutions to large industrial users with a combined energy spend of over €1bn since 2014. Our services have been moulded into a service package that we have called SAPERA.  


SAPERA is more than an energy management system - EM3 are active members in your energy management team. EM3 is a world leading energy management service provider that is data-driven, result based and focused on energy savings opportunities. SAPERA is supported by our expert engineers and analysts on a regular basis and all findings and actions can be easily viewed and actioned on our online portal.


So if you are looking to enhance energy management at your facility, bringing in an expert service like SAPERA to free up your internal energy resources to focus on fixing the issues that are identified, may be the answer. 

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What are SAPERA Energy Management Services?

SAPERA Energy Management Services are a suite of services that EM3 delivers to take the burden of world class energy management off the client organisation. Our online portal allows you, the customer, to focus on the real value which is enabling the implementation of the opportunities identified within SAPERA.


We tailor our energy management services to suit your specific needs, providing you with the real support you need to achieve your energy management goals. Combining this, with our extensive experience; we can anticipate and address potential problems before they arise, ensuring a smooth and successful Energy Management Service from start to finish. We integrate all of this into an online platform, so you always have access to the information you need and are always audit ready.


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What makes SAPERA Unique?

If you have purchased energy management software in recent years, thinking it will solve all of your energy problems, you are probably all too aware that continuously producing the information which visualises waste is very time consuming, before you ever begin the process of analysing the results and looking for solutions.

  • SAPERA is a service where EM3's energy experts manage this process of visualisation of energy flow through a facility and identifying sub-optimal energy performance right down to equipment level. The findings are communicated directly by the dedicated engineer to the facility and the collaboration on solutions is an active part of the service.
  • All our findings and actions are logged on your SAPERA online portal which ensures our services meet best practise in ISO50001 implementation. SAPERA ensures that the facility or organisation is ISO50001 Audit Ready all the time. We have managed clients through hundreds of successful ISO 50001 Audits through the use of our SAPERA services.
  • With SAPERA Energy Management Services, you can be confident that you are making the best energy choices for your business, both in terms of saving money and reducing your energy and carbon consumption.
  • Our team will do the “heavy lifting” in terms of engineering and data analysis and explain to your team the actionable insights, during our regular meetings. All the information you need is then readily available to view, digest and interperate on your online SAPERA portal.

SAPERA Energy Management Services Features:

  • Action Portal- Plan maintenance and investment projects through actionable insights provided by EM3
  • Energy Eye – Trend and compare all your data in real time, from hourly to yearly
  • Dashboards – Track and analyse the performance of each area of the site and Significant Energy Users by using custom interactive energy dashboards
  • Reports – export data to excel and use it in existing reports, download summary PDF action
  • Document Repository – Store documents categorised to the ISO50001 standard in a single place. When you work with EM3 you are always audit ready
  • Strategy Planner – Plan & schedule energy conservation across multiple sites to achieve corporate carbon and sustainability goals.
  • Capacity Tool – Analyse your sites’ existing capacity and examine how growth and expansion plans may affect your energy.
· User supported weekly service (Engineers / Analysts)

· Group / Corporate Dashboards

· Energy Eye Annual services

· EM3 Engineer Support

· Energy Opportunity Deep Dives

· Action Lists for energy savings

· Opportunity Lists with clear KPI’s / EnPI’s

· Report Repository

· Meter Data Status Dashboards

· ISO50001 Services

· EnMS Mobilisation
· Collaboration and development of the building blocks for improved energy management in line with best practice

· Support & guidance with explanations on meter trending & comparison tools

· Regular support to integrate Sapera Energy Management Services into your regular onsite procedures

· Enabled capabilities for use in CSR / ESG purposes & initiatives.

· Ongoing Expert support for your team, from EM3 Engineers and Consultants

· Annual Updates to: Energy Reviews, Internal Audits & Management Reviews

· Guidance & walkthroughs of the, Live Action Portal

· Explanations of your bespoke, Action Summary Report

· Thorough summary and reviews of your latest energy figures
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Who is SAPERA Energy Management for?

SAPERA is used by many large industrial energy users in the Pharma, Biopharma, Food, Dairy, Nutrition & Medical Device sectors. The online portal makes it easy for different members of your team to access and review data for their departments needs.

  • A building's facility or energy manager can login to our SAPERA portal and see their energy usage in real time and see exactly what equipment is using the most. They can also see the actionable insights and opportunities created by our expert engineers to help them focus on the most valuable energy projects or initiatives.
  • Corporate leaders and strategists can use the Strategy Planner tool to make long term roadmaps to achieve energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals, or just plan out the most cost effective way to use a large capital investment.
  • Sustainability Managers can get reports on carbon emissions and water usage yearly, monthly or even hourly. They can even see which areas/buildings/sites are emitting the most carbon or how much CO2 is being produced for each product.
  • Finance departments can login and quickly get those month-end energy and production figures they need for financial reports.

Contact us today to learn more about how SAPERA can help your business save money and achieve its sustainability goals.