EM3 present at Energy Symposium 2016

Donall O’ Brien – EM3 Director has been invited to attend and present at the 2016 Energy Symposium in Cong, Mayo.​

The Energy Symposium is a meeting of Ireland’s top 100 energy thinkers with a particular focus on the Manufacturing Sector. This one day event on Friday October 14th is preceded by an special invite only evening on Thursday October 13th in the picturesque village of Cong in Co Mayo.​

An evening of inspiring talks will be followed by a day long attendee discussion led presentations. Central to this innovative event is the submission, sharing and discussion of expert insights on the energy issues facing the single biggest consumer of energy in Ireland – the manufacturing sector.​

In addition to using multiple rotating intimate round table discussions this event also aims to harness this cauldron of insights for the generation of a policy based white paper.

​Donall will speak on:


Why investing in energy efficiency in industrial facilities can be more beneficial than adding generation capacity


An expansionary climate in Irish manufacturing is a wonderful opportunity to increase energy efficiency within a manufacturing facility, but only if the correct approach is taken. SEAI have the EXEED program which gives financial assistance to companies interested in taking the right approach and using the right methodology – as defined in IS399. The biggest barrier to taking the correct approach is schedule and lack of information. Typically, doing the right thing costs less when it comes to industrial energy and utility systems. Not having the plan in place to meet the increased capacity demands, or not having the information available to allow the analysis to be carried out results in the default – increases in generation capacity.​

To find out more check out: http://energysymposium.ie/donall-obrien/