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julio 2021

Reconfiguración térmica

This audit identified several projects which could reduce the site carbon emissions through improving the thermal generation efficiency of the plant. The plant had two oversized steam boilers installed operating on Heavy Fuel Oil. These boilers were not efficient by modern standards and produced emissions… Leer más »Reconfiguración térmica

Free Cooling HVAC

Instalación de dos unidades mezcladoras de tratamiento de aire con serpentines agua helada y agua caliente incluyendo actualizaciones de la infraestructura HVAC existente. Se consiguieron 2.463 MWh aprovechando el free cooling.


This end of life replacement project implemented energy efficiency design throughout the project to focus on CO2 reduction and financial savings. Steam boilers loose a large amount of thermal energy in hot flue gas. Economisers are able to capture thermal energy from the flue gasses… Leer más »Calderas