Heat Recovery Project

Project Name: Heat Recovery Project
Client: Kerry – Menstrie Yeast Factory, UK
Project Completion: Commissioned in 2017

EM3 Services delivered: Energy Audit, Energy Management Service, Design, Project Management, Measurement & Verification


To improve the low pressure hot water system for the site, to increase reliability and efficiency with a heat recovery system.


The installation of an integrated LPHW plant for the site, combining multiple technologies to ensure maximum performance and efficiency of the LPHW system.

The new installations included:

• 1.050 kW Heat pump

• 200 m3 Hot soft water buffer tank

• 800 kWe CHP unit

• 1 MW LPHW boiler


• An IRR of 41%.
• Payback of 2.4 years.
• Annual financial saving of £1.002 million
• Annual CO2 emission savings of 4,858 tonnes.