Heat Recovery Extension

Project Name: Heat Recovery Extension
Client: Kerry Foods, Carrickmacross
Project Completion: Commissioned in 2018

EM3 Services delivered: Energy Audit, Energy Management Service, Design, Project Management, Measurement & Verification


To upgrade the existing LPHW system to increase efficiency and reliability by taking advantage of a full heat recovery system.


The existing LPHW boiler was removed and replaced with a new LPHW boiler. Along with this two heat exchangers were added to the system and the LPHW network was modified to take advantage of heat recovery from the system.


• An IRR of 24.5% for the LPHW Boiler upgrade.
• An IIR of 59.6% for the Heat Recovery extension.
• Payback of 2.5 year for the LPHW Boiler upgrade.
• Payback of 1.8 years for the Heat Recovery extension.
• Annual financial saving of €38,000.
• Annual Energy Savings of 929,000 kWht.
• Annual CO2 emission savings of 211 tonnes.