Global Solutions Lab Cooling System Upgrade

Project Name: Global Solutions Lab Cooling System Upgrade
Client: Dell EMC, Ovens, Co. Cork
Project Completion: Commissioned in 2017

EM3 Services delivered: Design & Project Management Services.


Upgrade the existing cooling system to be more efficient, to improve reliability and to provide additional cooling capacity for the site, utilising the existing site equipment.


The removal of seven existing chillers and the relocation of two high efficiency chillers combined with the modification of a dry cooler pre-cooling pipework to provide a free cooling system to the site. This was combined with the installation of eight 100K Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units.


• An NPV of €104,000.
• Payback of 1.2 years.
• Annual financial saving of €35,000.
• Annual Energy Savings of 345,000 kWh.
• Annual CO2 emission savings of 173 tonnes.