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EM3 have been a leading consultant in industrial energy efficiency since 2006.  We have over 60 full time Energy Experts (engineers, scientists, data analysts, researchers, business and finance) located in the town of Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland.  We are active internationally, divining, implementing, monitoring and verifying energy saving initiatives globally.  We offer a full suite of energy management and sustainability services to Industrial clients, based on our years of experience in the energy sector and our exceptionally strong mechanical, process & utility expertise.  We operate to the principles of ISO50001 (Energy Management), ISO50002 (Energy Audits) and we are certified to ISO9001 Quality Standards.

Our service works so effectively because we aim not to give consultation to our client but to partner with them to achieve and surpass their energy sustainability targets.  We are invested in identifying, achieving and verifying energy savings on the sites we work in, in strong collaboration with our clients. 

This is not just a slogan for EM3, consistently our team members cite this as one of the main goals in their work.  To do this we are saving money, improving efficiency and getting involved in some very interesting projects. We have a real concern for the future and a drive to protect it through our work.

Our business model is based on consistently offering impartial solid advice to our clients – we are not tied to any vendor, equipment manufacturer or service provider and will only advise a technology, service or supplier based on its merits to meet our clients’ needs.