Heat Recovery Project

Project Name: Heat Recovery Project
Client: Kerry – Menstrie Yeast Factory, UK
Project Completion: Commissioned in 2017

EM3 Services delivered: Energy Audit, Energy Management Service, Design, Project Management, Measurement & Verification


To improve the low pressure hot water system for the site, to increase reliability and efficiency.


The installation of an integrated LPHW plant for the site, combining multiple technologies to ensure maximum performance and efficiency of the LPHW system.

The new installations included:

• 1.050 kW Heat pump

• 200 m3 Hot soft water buffer tank

• 800 kWe CHP unit

• 1 MW LPHW boiler


• An IRR of 41%.
• Payback of 2.4 years.
• Annual financial saving of £1.002 million
• Annual CO2 emission savings of 4,858 tonnes.